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you never listen to me
you dont listen to a word that i say
it goes in one ear and out the other
you make me regret any attention i pay

so from now on im done talking
i will not repeat, i will not repeat
im saying it once, then im hitting ‘delete’
i will not repeat, im hitting delete!

so from now on you better pay attention
hear it the first time or dont hear it at all
youre the worst listener ive ever met
gotta remember that for the next time i fall

so from now on im done talking
i will not repeat, i will not repeat
im saying it once, then im hitting ‘delete’
i will not repeat, im hitting delete!

what? what? what? thats all i hear you say!
youre always giving me excuses
but i know for sure, this is not okay
im sick of it, so sick of it

im done talking, done talking for good
i will not repeat it, i dont think you care
i will not repeat it, what makes you think i would?
im being unreasonable, i dont want to be fair
deeeeleeeeete 🙂

i wuv you sawah ❤


I gaze into her eyes, soft and warm and full of love, despite their ice cold color. It’s true what they say about the eyes being the window to the soul. I feel somewhat in a daze, as I hear, from a voice somewhere to the right of me, “you may now kiss the bride,” and all i see is her face, her beautiful, smiling face, with shimmering streaks from rebellious tears that managed to escape her eyes and roll down her cheeks. All I feel is her lips on mine, The same lips that just muttered the words, “I do.” The same lips that I have and will gladly kiss for the rest of my life. My wife’s lips. My wife.

In that moment, when our lips touched, I saw us, sitting together on a worn out porch, old and wrinkly, holding hands. Hers small and delicate, mine somehow strong, though worn and broken. I saw her face, just as beautiful as she was on our wedding day. Today. With the wind ruffling the puffy white hair framing her face.

The kiss ends, and the room erupts with joyous noise. I feel as if my face would crack if I smiled any wider, and yet, it’s not enough. A lifetime of smiles could never express the happiness I feel at that moment. Her smile, her laugh. Nothing can compare. And I know for a fact, that through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, I will forever and always, love and adore her, and I would do anything in the world, just to see that smile.

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Solo Un Piccolo Sogno!

please, my head

let me dream

let me dream

of things i wish

let me taste

what it would be like

please, my head

just, please, my head

per favore, la mia testa

lasciatemi sognare

lasciatemi sognare

lasciatemi sognare

per favore, la mia testa

let me know

just let me see

give me a glimpse

of what i wish to be

please, my head

see it in pictures

a scene from a movie

let me visualize

let me see

i want to see me

to see you and i

see us together

just one little dream

please, my head

let me dream!


sleep won’t you come to me?

please, please come to me.

i need you right now.

pull me under.

take me to the abyss of dreams.

where trees,

and leaves,

and flowers,

and skies,

are never-ending.

the petals made of silk,

the leaves made of velvet,

with tree trunks covered in cashmere,

and the skies are endless seas of blue hued fireflies,


& fluttering,

they frame your face,

casting electric shadows,

accentuating your features,

showing the glint in your eyes,

as you stare into mine.

you know that i’m yours,

as i realize you’re mine.

sleep won’t you come to me?

please, please come to me.

please, please comfort me.

because i know when my eyelids open,

it will all be gone for good.

like a poisonous flower or fruit

it may be beautiful

it may be sweet

but when the poison strikes

it’ll flow through your system

and tear your heart apart from the inside out

you won’t know what to do with yourself

because you can’t see the effects

but feel them

and before you know it you’ll be writhing on the floor

asking why you ever fell for that facade

brilliant on the outside

and deadly underneath

delicate blues

and dazzling greens

divine turquoise and teal

radiant pinks

magnificent reds

and marvelous tangerine orange

exquisite purple

brighter than ever

wonderf’ly made

colors that’ve no name

rip the petals off

tear it apart

and all that is there is black

pitch black

like a starless moonless night

absorbing the extravagant colors

like a crazed killer

it murders them

and they are no more

get away while you can

’cause oh

you’re dead if you don’t


you’ll be wishing you were.