like a poisonous flower or fruit

it may be beautiful

it may be sweet

but when the poison strikes

it’ll flow through your system

and tear your heart apart from the inside out

you won’t know what to do with yourself

because you can’t see the effects

but feel them

and before you know it you’ll be writhing on the floor

asking why you ever fell for that facade

brilliant on the outside

and deadly underneath

delicate blues

and dazzling greens

divine turquoise and teal

radiant pinks

magnificent reds

and marvelous tangerine orange

exquisite purple

brighter than ever

wonderf’ly made

colors that’ve no name

rip the petals off

tear it apart

and all that is there is black

pitch black

like a starless moonless night

absorbing the extravagant colors

like a crazed killer

it murders them

and they are no more

get away while you can

’cause oh

you’re dead if you don’t


you’ll be wishing you were.